Uncharted 3's Multiplayer to be a Social Affair, Split Screen Confirmed
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Uncharted 3's Multiplayer to be a Social Affair, Split Screen Confirmed

Naughty Dog have taken the wraps off the Uncharted 3's multiplayer and social features this week, and while details of the game's co-op mode weren't revealed, a lot of the multiplayer enhancements are going to find their way into the co-op of Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception.

While Uncharted 2 integrated (annoyingly) Twitter, Uncharted 3 is going to take things a step further and add in Facebook and YouTube support.  Don't worry though - you won't be posting to your wall everytime Nathan Drake makes a witty remark about your in game skills, instead Facebook will be utilized to extend your friends list - you'll be able to see when your Facebook friends are playing the game, what videos they uploaded to YouTube, and share screenshots - all from right inside Uncharted 3.  Naughty Dog is aiming to make Facebook an extension of your PS3 friends.

Other improvements to multiplayer include in depth character customization, including palette and texture swapping to create unique looking characters.  You'll also be able to create a logo for your team to help distinguish yourself from the pack.  Speaking of teams, there's a unique system being implemented called "The Buddy System" where players choose a buddy and share the successes of the match with them. 

The reveal has also confirmed that the game will support split-screen play, this should definitely make co-op folks happy.  But what about other co-op details?  Here's what the big ND has to say about that.


If you're a fan of our cooperative multiplayer modes, I think you'll be intrigued with how we've taken this approach to evolve multiplayer into the co-op gametypes. However, we haven't revealed anything for co-op yet. Everything and anything co-op will be revealed further down the line.

A beta for the game is kicking off on June 28th, with early access for PlayStation Plus and inFamous 2 owners.  Uncharted 2 had a similar beta which featured a look at the game's co-op modes, so we'll keep our fingers crossed that Uncharted 3's will have something similar.

Source: Naughtydog.com