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  • xbox one
Also, more dinosaurs

Splitscreen Feature Now Live on Xbox One

True to their word, developer Studio Wildcard has added the previously discussed splitscreen functionality to the Xbox One version of ARK: Survival Evolved. The feature will allow two players to enjoy the game locally, or go online to play with up to two other friends on a non-dedicated server, which are private servers that are propped up for limited play sessions and a little more limited than those that support 16 players.

by Christopher Metz 0
  • online
Where can I find green goggles like that? So bright and shiny...

Fisher and Briggs Own Baddies in Splinter Cell: Blacklist Co-Op Trailer

We’re only a few months off from having Splinter Cell: Blacklist in our hands, so it would be a fitting time to get pumped up for the game. Putting two co-op partners in the shoes of stealth veteran Sam Fisher and newbie Isaac Briggs, they can easily use creative combat and stealth strategies to their team’s ultimate advantage. Two heads are better than one, and this official co-op trailer shows us why.

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  • PlayStation Network
  • vita
Like ice cream melting on warm concrete

Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal: Black to Hit PSN Today

Everyone's favorite car racers with a sordid past will return to the PSN with today's update. The original Twisted Metal will be arriving on the PSN as a part of the PSOne classics, meaning you can grab it on the PS3 or the PSP (and consequently the Vita). Released on November 5, 1995, Twisted Metal was a unique and one of a kind experience. It took the chassis of a racing game, added the items that popularized the Mario Kart series, and minced it with a ruthless cast of characters themed for a mature audience. Rife with a motley assortment of deadly characters, each racer had a uniquely disturbing back story and vehicle. To this day, Sweet Tooth remains one of Sony's most iconic villains.

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  • Xbox Live Arcade
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The jamming duo returns in style

Sega Vintage Collection: ToeJam and Earl Collection Co-Op Review

The ToeJam & Earl series is fondly remembered by people who played the Sega Genesis, including yours truly. Sadly, the series remains largely forgotten by everyone else, despite ToeJam & Earl III appearing exclusively on the original Xbox. The cause may stem from SEGA not actually owning the characters. The rights belong to one of the series’ two creators, Greg Johnson. Thankfully he worked out a deal with SEGA, who have just released the first two games as SEGA Vintage Collection: ToeJam & Earl.

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