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Diablo 3 External Beta Begins Q3 2011
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Diablo 3 External Beta Begins Q3 2011

Blizzard has announced on Activision's latest quarterly earnings call to investors that Diablo 3 should be see the light of day in 2011 - at least in beta form.  According to Blizzard's head honcho Mike Morhaime the game has just reached a milestone.

"We began internal company-wide testing last week.  The game looks great, and we're currently targeting a Q3 launch for external beta testing."

No details were given as to the extent of an "external beta" - but most likely it'll be a somewhat limited and/or scaled beta for the masses.  Q3 puts the timeframe for the Beta in July, August or September.

Morhaime also was direct on the subject of a release date for the game only to say that the team was "working to get the game out before 2012."  He said that he would not compromise the game's quality just to hit a release window.