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New RAGE Video Focuses on Enemies and Animation
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New RAGE Video Focuses on Enemies and Animation

You want to know what we're going to be up against in RAGE?  We'll show you.  The latest video focuses on the different enemy types and the animations that bring them to life.  One can't help but think of Borderlands or Fallout when watching this video.  Similar to these other wasteland titles, the early enemy factions consist of varying bandit clans.  Each clan differs in combat style and physical appearance.  Then there are mutants to deal with.  You can see a rather large mutie in the above image.  Luckily, it appears that you will have some sort of magazine-fed rocket launcher at your disposal.  

If I've learned anything from post-apocalyptic games, it's that no matter how ravaged the land has become, somehow, somewhere, a bunch of jerks in power armor want to lord their authority over "normal" people.  Fallout has the "Enclave" and the "Brotherhood of Steel."  Borderlands has the "Crimson Lance."  And RAGE has - the "Authority?"  Oh, come on, man!  You're not even trying!  How are you going to make a game this pretty, enable it with silky-smooth gameplay, throw vehicle combat into the mix, and then name your evil armored authority figures "The Authority?"  Well, at least it's pretty.  Check out the video to see it in action.  RAGE will be out on October 4th for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.  It supports two player local co-op or two player online co-op.