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Armored Core V

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Armored Core V trailer predicts Doomsday
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Armored Core V trailer predicts Doomsday

Dubsteb Robots

Can you hear that? That isn't a raid siren. That is the sound of carnage raining down on you from above. The latest Armored Core V trailer has some pretty powerful visuals, and just as aggressive words to go along with it. 


This is the tone that the trailer sets for the game. and I can't lie - CG movies of giant robots obliterating each other excites me to no end and I'm really liking what AC5 is bringing to the table. I know that passing judgement on something that has been designed to make your eyes drool is a dangerous thing, but one can hope, right? The game is focusing on less twitch controls and more of a tactical gameplay, which is perfect for those of us that can't keep up to those kids and their dextrous little hands. Come doomsday, I'll be in my mech chanting the Armored Core V battlecry, "DESTROY EVERYTHING"