Armored Core V

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Armored Core V Delayed to 2012 in Japan
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Armored Core V Delayed to 2012 in Japan

The Japanese version of Armored Core 5 has been delayed until 2012. From Software, the developer, sites the need to incorporate feedback from the game’s closed beta as the reason for the delay. Don't be too hard on the beta testers now; this is probably good news. Japanese developers often show a very loose grasp of online modes and user interfaces (see Lost Planet 2). Incorporating beta players’ suggestions will likely result in a more streamlined experience.

Will the delay in Armored Core V’s homeland affect international versions as well? Namco Bandai, who is publishing the game in North America and Europe, has only ever announced 2012 as a loose release date. That gives them plenty of wiggle room, so Armored Core V should still make it to US shores within the original target range.

Armored Core V is a mech customization and combat game that reboots the series, pitting player factions against each other in the battle for a persistent online world, ala Chromehounds. Co-op gamers will be able to team up in groups of five to tackle missions together.