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CCV Blog Update February 2012
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CCV Blog Update February 2012

What's your most anticipated game?

This year is starting to heat up and it sounds like you guys and gals are pretty excited. This month we asked you, the community, what your most anticipated game is. A few of you answered the call and posted some excellent blogs. Everyone seems to be going stir crazy over what Gearbox has teased us with for years and will be offering up this year (if we're lucky). Let's have a look.

 Biohzrd451 is ready for another round of Borderlands

I loved Borderlands and have recently gotten back into the game thanks to my Brother and Nvaderjim I have had a killer time and some fantastic experiences that very few games can even hope to offer. The first time we rode the elevator up to Crawmerax and the chaos that ensued when we realized our weapons were doing no damage was just hands down a hilarious and memorable moment. I know that Borderlands 2 is going to have similar experience in spades and I cannot wait to experience it day 1 with my friends.

Borderlands is still on my wall of shame since I haven't finished it, but maybe I'll catch a group to power through Borderlands 2 when it's released.

 BigBadBob113 can't wait to shoot some aliens

A:CM is a four player campaign co-op full of xenomorph-hunting fun. Add in the fact that the four characters are of different "classes" and have different weapons at their disposal and you and three buddies will have a heck of a time.

Agreed, Aliens: Colonial Marines is going to be hot.

There's still plenty of time to write about your most anticipated game of 2012. Just hit your user menu in the upper right, and click New Blog Post. Start your post's title with "CCV" so we can find it, and tell us about the game you're looking forward to. Images, impeccable grammar, and correct spelling will increase your chances of being featured on the front page of Co-Optimus. Happy blogging!