Mass Effect 3

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New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Urges You to Take Back Earth
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New Mass Effect 3 Trailer Urges You to Take Back Earth

Bioware have released an epic new trailer for the upcoming Mass Effect 3

The CGI trailer has been one of the basic gaming PR tools for years. They may not contain any real game footage, but they sure can increase the heat on a property. Mass Effect 3 has seen plenty of in game trailers and even has a demo that you can try out; but a new CGI trailer full of epic goodness is still needed. Bioware have answered these calls in the new Take Earth Back trailer and it is immense.

The video features the invasion of Earth and the start of the subsequent fight back. London is seen being devastated and also somewhere else. I'm guessing this second place in the hotter climes of the US, as I have never seen a field of sunflowers grow so well in wet Britain and the only palm trees are in Brighton - perhaps the aliens invaded just London and Brighton? This will give them a place to work and a place to go on holiday.

You can decide for yourselves were you think the trailer takes place by perusing the trailer below. Mass Effect 3 is out 6th March in the US and 9th for PAL regions and features a 4 player online co-op mode. You can check out Co-Optimus' latest hands on time with the demo here.