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CCV Blog Wrap-up for February 2012
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CCV Blog Wrap-up for February 2012

Please, take our money.

February is coming to an end, so let's take one last look at your Most Anticipated Games of 2012. We already heard from Biohzrd451 and BigBadBob113 who can't wait for Gearbox's upcoming titles. One other community member was brave enough to fire up his blog, and it's definitely worth a read.

 Zonf86 is eagerly awaiting a title we won't cover here: Bioshock: Infinite.

I remember watching the teaser/announcement trailer with great anticipatio - Ken was sure to not let me down. The trailer started under the water... with a rapture like view... *sigh*, this was not what I wanted. Then **BOOM** we're introduced to the world of columbia - full of much needed colour, new atmopshere and great characters. The true spiritual successor to the first Bioshock, and on track to equal the first games impact.

I find you lack of co-op disturbing. Teasing! We all like single player games, too, but that's not what this site is about. We'll let it slide.

That's it for CCV posts this month, but there has been a metric ton of blog activity this month. I highly recommend you head over to our blog section and check out what our community members and staff have been talking about. Heck, let's run through those quick:

Wow that's a lot of blogging! Keep it up!