Mass Effect 3

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
Multiplayer Confirmed for Mass Effect 3 - Co-Op Soon to Follow? [UPDATE]
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Multiplayer Confirmed for Mass Effect 3 - Co-Op Soon to Follow? [UPDATE]

Online Team-Based Multiplayer Coming

Wait, stop. Just...pull over here for a second. Thanks. I need your help getting me strapped in. Can you do that? First, reach over here, and buckle this for me - back here, where I can't reach. Got it? Okay. good. Now I need you to hold this lever with your thumb and lock this clasp shut., you're not -...there you go. Perfect. Now see if you can move me. No? Good, then...I'm locked in and ready for some turbulence. Let's break the news.

Mass Effect 3 is getting multiplayer. According to Australian magazine PC Power Play a hands-on preview is coming in their November issue. So far the only two things we know about it is that players will be able to "fight alongside your friends as the galaxy goes to war” and that it will support online play.

I had honestly thought that the matter had been settled. I sure am a sucker. In fact, I'm enough of a sucker that with multiplayer confirmed I'm once again hoping for co-op gameplay to be revealed. Let the multiple-page forum debate begin!

Update:  The game's producer, Casey Hudson, has confirmed via Twitter that this is indeed co-op and they are separate missions. 



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