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Beyond Co-Op - October 28th through November 4th, 2012
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Beyond Co-Op - October 28th through November 4th, 2012

Star Wars/Disney Deal Retroactively Causes Storm of the Century

Welcome to another edition of Beyond Co-Op, where we cover industry news that's not so co-op. 

Here are this week's stories:

-Sandy's wrath

-Disney buys Lucasfilm
-Grand Theft Auto V set for spirng
-Wreck-It Ralph hits the box office
-We are all the lamest time travelers

Sandy's Wrath

Hurricane Sandy assaulted the east coast, leaving millions of people without power. If you're reading this in your home consider yourself lucky. Some people still don't have power. Some people lost their homes. Some lost much more. 

Donate: American Red Cross

Disney buys Lucasfilm

There's been a lot of fuss over the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm. Naturally, fans are curious to see what happens to the beloved franchise. A new Star Wars film has been slated for 2015 and people are losing their collective crap. Personally, I only have one question: Can you handle "Disney's Star Wars Battle-Kingdom Hearts 3?" I didn't think so. 

Source: Mashable

Grand Theft Auto V set for spring

Here's an announcement for the delay of a trailer. Yeah. You read that right. Developer Rockstar has announced that the second trailer for Grand Theft Auto V has been delayed by an act of God or science, pick your poison. That would be the hurricane I mentioned earlier. Their New York offices are without power, so GTA fans will have to wait patiently for the trailer for the upcoming mega game. I'm sure they'll handle the delay of a trailer with quiet grace and dignity. Where's my sarcasm font? The game itself isn't expected until spring of 2013.

Source: GamingBolt

Wreck-it Ralph wrecks up  the box office

The movie based on video games found a strong audience in its debut weekend. It was the top film at the box office, making a little over $49 million. 

Source: boxofficemojo

We are all the lamest of time travelers

We all traveled backward through space and time one whole hour last night. Well, some of us traveled through space. Most of you just slept in your beds. If you were awake, did you do something cool with your extra gift from the cosmos? I got killed in Dark Souls a few more times. Life well spent. 

Source: My phone, cable box, laptop, tablet, and iPod.