Rayman Origins

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The Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Sale Knocks Co-Op Prices Way Down
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The Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Sale Knocks Co-Op Prices Way Down

We're a smidge late in reporting this since it started on Tuesday, but the Xbox Live Countdown to 2013 Sale may be the single best sale the Xbox 360 has ever had. Each day until December 31st consists of themed daily sales, with today's Platformers sale knocking co-op standout Rayman Origins down to just ten bucks. And on top of that, more than ten XBLA and Games on Demand titles are on sale for the diration of the promotion, such as fantastic co-op titles Sonic 4 Episode II and Simpsons Arcade. Head past the break to find out which games feature cooperative multiplayer!

Game names link to their Xbox.com store pages. Boldest titles support co-op.

Games on sale through December 31st:

Daily Sale Schedule:

  • Tuesday, December 18th: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and DLC
  • Wednesday, December 19th: LEGO games
  • Thursday, December 20th: Platformer games:
  • Friday, December 21st: Games from Rockstar, including Read Dead Redemption
  • Saturday, December 22nd: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater games (rumored)
  • Sunday, December 23rd: Summer of Arcade 2012 games. Make sure you buy Dust!
  • Monday, December 24th: Trials Evolution and Trials HD
  • Tuesday, Christmas: Kinect and Family games. Includes Fruit Ninja Kinect. Also, The Walking Dead: Episode 1 will be free from December 25-31!
  • Wednesday, December 26th: Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (rumored)
  • Thursday, December 27th: Borderlands games and DLC. I’m so hooked on Borderlands right now.
  • Friday, December 28th: The Walking Dead Episodes on sale
  • Saturday, December 29th: More Family games
  • Sunday, December 30th: Fighting games!
  • Monday, December 31stElder Scrolls games and DLC

December 20th's Platforming Games on Sale:

That's quite an array of discounts. Have you guys picked up any games on sale yet, and do you see any upcoming one-day sales that interest you?