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God Mode

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
  • LAN Co-Op: 4 Players
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Achieve Afterlife Glory by Telling God Mode Developers How You Died
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Achieve Afterlife Glory by Telling God Mode Developers How You Died

Interesting contest gets your entry in the game and a special thanks

The recently announced co-op FPS from Atlus, God Mode, has an interesting premise. You see, you're dead. Expired. Ceased to be. You've given up the ghost. Joined the choir ethereal. In so many words, you are an ex-parrot. In spite of your current state, all hope is not exactly lost as you have a chance at redemption by battling your way through the minions of Hades ("that's hell, in a toga"). The burning question, though, is how did you get to be here?

That's exactly what publisher Atlus and developer Old School Games want to know. They're running a contest until tomorrow, Friday, January 11, night to hear from you all about how exactly you kicked the bucket. Many will enter, many will win, and if your entry is selected, it will be read in-game by their "Spiritual Guide" and you'll also get your name in the "Special Thanks" section of the credits. Additional information and details on how to enter can be found below.

From the God Mode blog post:

ATLUS and Old School Games announce the “Ways to Die” Contest for God Mode!

For the first time in the history of 4-Person co-op XBLA, PSN and PC shooters (we think) comes an all-new and exciting contest.


When you play God Mode, you are already dead. We want you to tell us how your character met his fate. In other words what act of stupidity or simple bad luck sent you on your journey to the Maze of Hades? Why you ask? What is the grand prize? Well, it’s legendary!

- Submissions that make us laugh or cringe more than the others will get selected and recorded by our hilariously annoying Spirit Guide for inclusion in the game. We aren’t limiting the number of entries that get in. If it’s good, you might just hear it in the game.

- You win, and you also get a game credit in the “Special Thanks” category.


What are the rules you ask? Well, fortunately God Mode is an M-rated game so we have some leeway with submission content, but we ask you to please adhere to the following rules when submitting entries:

- No mentions of brand names (if it has a TM or © or ®, that’s a good hint that it can’t be mentioned). You might hate that fast food chain down the road, but if someone died eating its horsemeat burger, we just can’t include the name of the establishment in the voiceover.
- No mentioning of real-life individuals. Your neighbor might have the world’s worst BO, maybe even bad enough to cause a death, but don’t mention him/her by name or we need to exclude your submission.
- Please refrain from using profanity in the submission. It might be a funny line to us, but unfortunately we won't be able to put it in the game.
- The phrase should be about 25-30 seconds long that should naturally break down into 6-8 sentences with pauses. (Read your text out loud with a stopwatch!)
- Include your real name in the submission as well as an email where we can contact you if you win.

So if you're interested in getting your particular form of expiration into the game, head over to their site and submit your entry. If yours ends up getting selected let us know so we can all enjoy a good laugh when we co-op it up!