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We'll be Punching Faces Online with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in Less Than a Week
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We'll be Punching Faces Online with Scott Pilgrim vs. the World in Less Than a Week

If DLC delays had a face, I'd punch them too.

Back in August, Xbox Live's Major Nelson let slip that the long-requested but previously unannounced online co-op mode for Scott Pilgrim: vs. The World would actually be coming. Legions of comic and beat-em-up fans rejoiced... until the 'Online Multiplayer Wallace Pack' was pushed back to an undisclosed date less than two weeks later. At last, that date has been revealed: February 5th on PSN and the 6th on XBLA. Surely Major Nelson and Ubisoft aren't kidding this time, right?

The 'Online Multiplayer Wallace Pack' will contain:

  • Scott's roommate Wallace Wells as a playable character
  • Online multiplayer (oh really?)
  • Xbox 360: Four new Achievements on worth 50 GamerScore
  • Playstation 3: Four new Trophies (three bronze, one silver)

As you might expect, those new Achievements and Trophies all revolve around either playing online and/or playing with Wallace.

To make up for the amazingly long delay on this DLC, it will now cost 160 MS Points/$2 instead of the previously announced $5 price point. That should make going back to Scott Pilgrim for some online DLC even more palatable.

Scott Pilgrim vs. The World already supports 4-player local co-op on XBLA and PSN, and soon the 'Wallace Pack' will add online to the mix. Check out our full Co-Op Review if you haven't already.

Update: MajorNelson has changed the orice to 400 MS Points on his blog. Boo!


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