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  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
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Fuse Videos Show off Main Characters
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Fuse Videos Show off Main Characters

Seriously, that's a big shield.

While we're still reeling from the unfathomably painful delay of "a few months" Insomniac recently placed on Fuse, we can still get a little teaser of what's waiting for us. A handful of videos recently released shows off the main characters in Fuse, including Dalton "Guy with that Big Shield" Brooks, Izzy "Who Kicks a Lot" Sinclair, Jacob "I Have a Crossbow" Kimble, and Naya "Ha Ha Can't See Me" Deveraux. Bet you'll never forget their special abilities now, will you?

Along with those cute nicknames we totally just made up, characters in Fuse each come with their own set of skills to use and upgrade, all derived from Fuse-powered weapons. Co-op play supports two players locally and up to four players online. Check out our Fuse hands-on for more details. Otherwise, keep an eye out for Fuse sometime this summer on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

EA has also sent over a handful of infographics for the game. The first focuses on the game in general and the second focuses on the character of Dalton.

Source: Youtube.com