Guardians of Middle-Earth

  • Online Co-Op: 5 Players
  • + Co-Op Modes
New Guardian of Middle Earth - Saruman
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New Guardian of Middle Earth - Saruman

Lord Sauron has many spies

There is a new guardian on the block in Guardians of Middle Earth. You may recognize him as the infamous Saruman the White. He hails from Isengard, and comes as the latest DLC for the game. He is classified under the Enchanter class.

His abilities include a move that can stun an enemy guardian with an area of effect attack. He can also use "Spies of Saruman" to reveal, slow, and deal damage to an enemy guardian. His "Burst Shield" attack can detonate in order to deal damage in an area and cause silence to a foe. Finally, "Power of the White Wizard" is a channeling attack that causes ability damage over time. Saruman will be available for 160 MSP or $1.59 on the PSN. Take a look at the official trailer for Saruman below.