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Diablo III

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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The 2013 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards - Page 3

AAA Co-Op Game of the Year

Diablo 3 was an easy choice for the staff as our co-op Game of the Year. Blizzard took what was a rough start for a PC game and turned it into a masterful couch and online co-op experience. The tweaks and changes made this an almost entirely different game. 

Diablo 3 was the only game that just about every staff member nominated to be on the list. It really embodied everything that makes a great co-op game - character building, story, teamwork, trading, and customization.  All while being available in your living room with family, online with friends, or both.

Indie Co-Op Game of the Year

Our indie game winner for co-op game of the year was a little less clear cut, but not by much. Monaco: What's Yours is Mine had a long path to release but once we got our hands on it earlier this year we knew that Andy Schatz had delivered on his promise. 

Monaco embodies not only what makes a great co-op game, but what makes a great indie game. It does well to set itself apart from other titles out there, offers a unique visual style, and keeps gameplay memorable. The staff had many great play sessions with Monaco and I'm sure there will be many more. 


So there you have it. Another year in the books. Looking into 2014 it looks like it might be another quiet year, but we expect a big showing at E3 2014 this year to give us a glimpse into the Fall release schedule. Our fingers are crossed!

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