Co-Optimus - Editorial - 10 Games that Should Have Co-Op, At Least We Think So

Squad 51 vs. the Flying Saucers

  • Couch Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

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How many guys do I need to kill on my own? REALLY?!?!?


4. 99 Nights

99 Nights was a beautiful fantasy hack and slash game when it was released. With 7 playable characters in unique armor with unique abilities, it felt somehow lonely to have just your one character on screen with a horde of enemies to take care of. To impress us, this game might have done some fusion hero powers with a co-op partner after you build up your attack gauge, to unleash some of the most impressive co-op attacks Hack-and-slash games have ever seen!


Which way is the co-op? Oh wait....


3 - Killzone 2

On the tip of every co-op craving tongue earlier this year was the hope of Co-op for the PS3 release of Killzone 2. With its first person shooter qualities, and the cry from PS3 owners to even see the light of co-op, this game led us on for months before finally giving up on the co-op. As with many war-shooters, you're given a squad to back up your character. This type of squad shooters should always be co-opable, and with even more than just two players. This could add a level of co-op depth yet unmatched.


Co-op is out there, somewhere


2 – Farcry 2

Farcry 2 features twelve different characters with detailed individual background stories that bring them to a remote part of Africa during a fictional civil war. Whichever character you select of these twelve will be your mercenary through this open world, and the other eleven characters will be bound to your main character in a friendly light, as backup or other story elements. This made us wonder how the developers came to the conclusion to isolate all twelve characters from one another in a single player campaign, rather than allowing a few of them to assist one another more directly in co-op. Take it from the team-up of Cable and Deadpool, even mercenaries can have a co-op partner.

Also, whichever main character you play as has Malaria as an element of this storyline. We hear that stuff is contagious, making a perfect excuse for multiple main characters suffering similarly.