MMO Co-Opportunities Volume XCIV: Fish, Valkyries, Perfect World, and Daybreak - Page 2

Perfect World Entertainment Reveals Holiday Events for its MMOs
Perfect World Entertainment has a bunch of MMOs they distribute, and they’ve announced that they will all be having holiday events. For many, they will be revisits of events from prior years with some new content sprinkled in. Here’s a quick breakdown of the list:

  1. Neverwinter: Winter Festival of Simril (12/10/18 - 1/10/19)
  2. Star Trek Online: Q’s Winter Wonderland (12/4/18 - 1/17/19)
  3. Champions Online: Attack of the Misfit Toys (12/13/18 - 1/10/19)
  4. Perfect World International: Wonderland X’mas Carnival (12/20/18 - 12/27/18)
  5. Forsaken World: 12 Codes of Christmas Event (12/7/18 - 12/30/18), Holiday 5x XP/SP (12/5/18 - 12/12/18), Krampuslauf Event (12/7/18 - 12/12/18)

Daybreak Lays off a Large Number of Employees
Daybreak (formerly Sony Online Entertainment), the company behind MMOs such as DC Universe Online and EverQuest II, has confirmed that they have laid off a substantial portion of their workforce. Former Daybreak president John Smedley reported in a tweet (since deleted) that the layoffs hit 70 employees, but that number has not been confirmed or denied by current Daybreak management. The statement from the company cited long-term sustainability and efficiency as the primary reasons for this mass layoff and said they would supporting those laid off to the best of their ability.

It’s always sad to see such a large number of layoffs from a company. Best of luck to all those impacted.

That wraps up this issue of MMO Co-Opportunities. Are there any MMOs you’re planning on playing during the holidays?

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