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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVI: Holiday Events and Skyrim
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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVI: Holiday Events and Skyrim

Special events for BDO and FFXIV, teasers for ESO's next chapter

The holiday season is upon us. Snow is falling, the indoor fires are crackling, and everyone is ready to take a nice long break from work! The season typically means holiday-themed events for MMOs. For this month’s MMOCO round-up, we look at some special events for Black Desert Online and Final Fantasy XIV as well as information for The Elder Scrolls Online’s next chapter in a long-awaiting setting.

Black Desert Online “Holiday of Fortunes” Event Currently Ongoing
Black Desert Online’s “Holiday of Fortunes” event kicked off on December 11th, rewarding players with items and consumables for logging in and completing quests. The event is divided into a few sub-events: Daily Fortunes (December 11th - 31st) where players can claim rewards simply from logging on once a day, Lessons on True Wealth (December 18th - January 8th) where players can earn rewards for completing special quests, and a surprise event on December 25th.

All the details and rewards are detailed on their event page. Players who collect all the rewards will be getting the equivalent of up to $200 worth of consumables/items from the in-game Pearl Shop.

Previous FFXIV Subscribers Can Log In Free for 5 Days Until January 14th
Square Enix is running a special month-long event (from December 13th through January 14th) where previous FFXIV subscribers can log into the game free for up to five days. The restrictions are pretty basic: must have a registered account that subscribed in the past, account must have been inactive for 30+ days, non-applicable to banned accounts. Once you log into the server, it will count that as your first free day (regardless of what time you logged in). The promotion will end four days after that day at 11:59pm local time, whether you’re playing the game or not.

Interested players should note that the Starlight Celebration event doesn’t begin until December 18th, in case they want to save up their free time to check out the event.