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MMO Co-Opportunities Volume CVIII: Kunoichi, High Seas, and Estates - Page 2

Next TERA PC Update to Launch February 11th
En Masse Entertainment has announced that the next PC update for TERA will launch on February 11th and be titled “Crescent Sea.” This update will allow players to create Elin Valkryie. For players who already have a Valkyrie and don’t want to start over from level 1, they can purchase a Race Change Voucher. In addition to that, “Crescent Sea” will introduce a new dungeon: Sea of Honor (level 65 and for up to 5 players). After collecting map pieces (from dungeon bosses and hunting zone monsters), players can turn them into the NPC Ronyn to enter the dungeon. Once inside, players will have to defend a ship called the Goldenscale from waves of enemies. Successful defenses reward XP tomes, enchanting scrolls, badges, and crafting materials.

Finally, the Crescent Sea update will improve the guild quest system by introducing Valderon Tokens. Completing guild quests will reward these tokens which can then be redeemed for Guild Reward Quests (which each contain one ruby and one random consumable).

SWTOR: Pinnacles of Power Update to Go Live on February 11th
Update 6.1: Pinnacles of Power will also launch in Star Wars: the Old Republic on February 11th. This update will include storyline expansion, with Republic-aligned characters helping to rebuild the Jedi Order while Empire-aligned characters will help reform the Hand (an elite strike force of the Empire). It will also introduce a new personal headquarters for players called the Alderaan Noble Estate. Located in the mountains of Alderaan, players can customize their own picturesque mansion, complete with a huge field, snowy overlook, and cascading waterfalls. Rumor has it that there is a hidden area which can be unlocked from careful use of explosives as well.

That about does it for this month! Stay warm out there, everyone!

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