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The Co-Op Survival Guide - Page 3

Left 4 Dead: Survival

Left 4 Dead introduced it's survival mode as a free download for both Xbox 360 and PC owners a few months after the game's release.  While not the most popular mode in the game, it's a quick distraction from full campaigns and versus mode.  Typically matches last less than 7 or 8 minutes.

How is it played?  Each survival scenario starts out like the traditional "finale" missions from the campaign.  Once players are ready they trigger a constant onslaught of zombies.  A timer ticks up with the time survived, and the best times earn you medals.  Two players can play split screen with online teammates as well.

How many maps are there?  All of the game's crescendo moments, any moment you trigger the horde with a button or switch, can be played as well as a specific map designed just for survival.  In total there are 13 maps to play including the recent Crash Course DLC which added an additional level.

Tips for Survival:  

Each round of survival needs to be treated like the finale mission, plan your attack before starting the timer 

  • Use gas cans, propane tanks, and other objects to buy your team time

  • Try to avoid standing on top of open areas, Smokers will pull you away from the team

  • Try to lead the tanks into "traps" set up with propane and gas cans

  • If you're out of traps, leap out into the open and have one member of the team lead the tank around in a wide circle (keeping enough distance between them and the tank) while the rest shoot the tank

  • What little lulls there are in the action use to heal up and grab ammo.  

  • Communicate when grabbing ammo

  • A good area to hold up in is the top of the Light House in The Last Stand.  If you crouch Smokers can't pull you off.

  • On No Mercy, there is an enclosed staircase near the ammo/radio room.  Put two survivors on the top, two on the bottom, and it's fairly easy to defend.  Switch locations when you need an ammo/health run.

  • Be careful not to use a wall that is destroyable for cover.