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The Co-Op Survival Guide - Page 5

Call of Duty: World at War Nazi Zombie Mode

World at War's Nazi Zombie mode came out of nowhere in a tired World War 2 genre, and it quickly become an addicting co-op experience.  Treyarch combined two of gamer's favorite past times - killing zombies and killing Nazis - and rolled it into a wholesome co-op experience.

How is it played?  Four players are tasked with surviving endless waves on zombies.  Each successive wave has the zombies getting faster and more difficult.  Players earn points by rebuilding barriers, killing zombies, and reviving friends.  These points are then spent on weapons and ammo that are hung on the walls.

How many maps are there?  The game only ships with one map, but three additional ones were added via DLC.

Tips for Survival:

  • Watch your window - zombies will pile up faster than you think. Don't assist someone else unless you're completely clear.

  • The bolt-action rifle is your friend. More powerful, more accurate, and cheap ammo make it worth holding onto for a while.

  • Go for headshots, every time. Body shots are worth 10 points each for a maximum 60 points...headshots are a cool 100 points.

  • Grenades will often blow the legs off of a zombie, creating a "crawler". If the last zombie is a crawler, take the opportunity to grab ammo and reinforce the windows.

  • If you're doing well, stay put! Don't open doors for the sake of opening them. Find a choke point, and survive.

  • Grenades replenish automatically every round. Use them!

  • Avoid weapons that take too long to reload...like the double-barreled shotgun.

  • If you do decide to open up a new area for weapons, make sure your team communicates and moves together.  Splitting up across areas is generally a bad idea.

  • Only open areas between rounds, there's no sense in creating more chaos in the middle of a firefight.