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The 2009 Co-Op Game of the Year Awards - Page 3

Dubious Honors


Most Disappointing Co-Op Game

Overlord 2

As a game that touted a co-op mode only to offer a single map in split screen play, to say we were disappointed was an understatement.  Especially when you compare the Overlord 2's co-op mode to the game's truly excellent and fun single player campaign.  Perhaps in Overlord III?

A close second was Lord of the Rings: Conquest.  Despite high hopes for some co-op Orc slaying, we basically got a team based versus game with bots and a loose story for co-op.  It was mildly entertaining, but the potential was much higher.

Our community on the other hand voted for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.  After the popularity of the first game, the second fell short in every category: length, co-op options, replayability and more.  How does the saying go?  You can giveth but not taketh away.

Runner Up:  Lord of the Rings: Conquest

Community Pick:  Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2


Game that Should Have Had (Campaign) Co-Op


Look, Torchlight is possibly the greatest Diablo clone since - well since Diablo II.  But the fact the game doesn't have co-op is absolutely criminal.  The entire Action RPG genre that Diablo invented was made to be shared with a buddy or three.  You need to show off your awesome armor, your awesome spell, and your awesome axe of awesomeness.  Seriously.

"Ghostbusters...THERE'S FOUR GHOSTBUSTERS! Sigh.  There's no excuse, absolutely no excuse to not have a true co-op mode in this game.  Especially when the Wii counterpart managed to pull it off.  THERE...ARE...FOUR....FOUR....1..2..3..4.. GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!  And yes, our community, the internet, and Zuul agree.

Runner Up: Ghostbusters (360/PS3)

Community Pick:  Ghostbusters (360/PS3)


Wildcard Category - Best Co-Op Game Starring 50 Cent

50 Cent: Blood on the Sand

We may make fun, but we've had a blast playing Blood on the Sand this year.  Multiple staff members have had numerous play throughs, and there's rumors of them going back for more.  50 Cent, we tip our hats to you.  You created an enjoyable co-op experience for mature co-op gamers.  We can't wait for the sequel.

Runner up: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

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