Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

  • Couch Co-Op: 4 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

Co-Op Casual Friday: Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer - Page 2

All of this might be overlooked, though.  It's cheap, the achievements flow like water, and it isn't much of a challenge at all.  But there's one design choice that is absolutely the knockout blow that defeats a co-op fan's desire to play: forced single player levels.  That's right, every once in a while, the action screeches to a halt, and player one gets to play the game alone.  The first couple of these are the Human Torch racing through tunnels at breakneck speed, and at least they are short.  But next comes the Mr. Fantastic "showcase".  Just like the Super Skrull isn't very super in FFRotSS, Mr. Fantastic can't live up to his moniker.  Perhaps he should have been called "Mr. I-Can't-Even-Beat-Two-Monkeys-At-Once".  Earlier this evening, my son and I spent an hour attempting to clear his level, and the lad asked to watch TV instead.  That is a very rare event, and it says a lot about the quality of a game when an eight year old in the perfect demographic doesn't want to play.

I'm sure that sooner or later, we will pick FFRotSS back up again.  I can't say I regret the purchase, since it was so cheap, but I can't really recommend it either.  If you have played both Marvel Ultimate Alliance titles multiple times, and the previous-gen X-Men Legends series, too, but need another co-op super hero fix, it might be worth an evening.  Just make sure you upgrade Mr. Fantastic a bit early on, or you might want to stick the FFRotSS disc in your microwave and say "FLAME ON!"


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