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New in Download/DLC:

Borderlands has a new DLC pack titled "The Secret Armory of General Knoxx," loaded with more brilliant pop-culture references (including some goofy Lord of the Rings nods) and a boatload of new loot in the world of additional story for Borderlands. The DLC has a quirky depressed General who is a little tired of his post, Moxxi is around for some less-frustrating quests, and there are quite a few new vehicles thanks to some Scooter missions. General Knoxx is available for $10 (800).

Since it is download news, I'll go ahead and be excited: Mac is officially set to receive Steam. We can now play with our buddies, clan lists, and other great Steam features even if you don't own a PC. Mac gaming revolution, or equality for all preferences? You decide.

Last but certainly not least, your wallet may get a temporary reprieve if you're a fan of the Guitar Hero series. Activision is facing a few patent issues, and will be toning down the onslaught of releases for a while. I haven't fallen prey to this personally, but I know a few people who have lived on Ramen for a month due to amazing DLC song packs.

RE5: Desperate Escape Mini-Review:

Since I took a co-op look at Resident Evil 5: Desperate Escape, and the DLC is new this past week, I think a mini-review is in order to show you guys what it's all about. Desperate Escape fills in the gap from the moment Chris and Sheva leave Jill to go stop Wesker. Jill passes out after her ordeal, and Josh finds her while he's looking for Chris and Sheva. Josh and Jill team up to go assist their friends, and this is the DLC you play. (The price is at 400 or $5, which makes it relatively short, similar to "Lost in Nightmares.")

The Gameplay was very different from "Lost in Nightmares," as we saw a lot more action, and a lot less nostalgia. Right off the bat you're fending off hundreds of Majini while exploring the facility Jill was left in. You have to send transmissions, look for better weapons against the horde of enemies coming your way, and survive in the meantime. Fast paced gameplay made the short DLC seem to move a lot faster, but the chaos would certainly keep someones attention. There are some interesting achievements that request multiple playthroughs, and filling in the gap in the main story was fulfilling to me personally. Also, the additional character you interact with, Doug the helicopter pilot, was really phenomenal, but any details would be a little too spoiler-filled.

Oh, and once again: Play this co-op. Josh is a great character, but A.I. Josh is clinically retarded when too many Majini get too close, or when he has to help solve puzzles.

Free for you:

Instead of a Demo, this time we've got some Free DLC for you. Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce has dropped it's first DLC pack, and it's completely free. We know it's a less well-known co-op title, but we really liked it. Okay, okay - since you have to buy the full game of Dynasty Warriors Strikeforce in order to enjoy this particular freebie, how about...

To fit the theme of zombies for this issue, we're recommending you try out the local co-op trial of Zombie Apocalypse on the Xbox LIVE Arcade. It's a top-down shooter, with a team of friends resembling the survivors of Left 4 Dead. Shoot never-ending spawning enemies to survive for as many days as you can (or, until the trial ends). Shotguns, machine guns, hand guns, oh my! I hope you've enjoyed this very undead issue of On the Download.

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