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On The Download Issue 9: Ace Fox 360 - Page 2

New in Download/DLC:

This week has a boatload of information regarding some great DLC/Downloadable games including quite a few new releases, and long-awaited Beta access. First on the list is the game Zeno Clash: Ultimate Edition which will be released on XBLA Wednesday, 5/5/10. Then, we've got the Serious Sam HD: Second Encounter on Steam, complete with Serious Sam, and explosions. I don't think you need much more than that.

It would also appear that Mech Warrior 4 has survived its legal dilemma for a full Free co-op PC release. The final new release of the day is called Alive 4 Ever on the iPod Touch/iPhone App store. Consider your productivity warned.

If you're into things like rumors, we've got an interesting one for you. Apparently Castlevania is working on a future 6-player-co-op game. We don't have any other details, but holy crap that's weird and kind-of awesome.

Our final news for downloadable thingies, is the live release of Halo Reach Beta. The beta was closed last week, and only given to a limited number of fans, but it is now open to the public and available for download. There are rocket packs, Special abilities, and customizable Spartans. Go now Halo fans, download it.

Free for you:

As mentioned above, Mech Warrior 4 has officially landed on your local PC for some free co-op goodness. Play any of the Mech Warrior tanks in this new remix of the Microsoft Mech Warrior franchise - the game went live this past weekend, but hammered the servers bad enough to crash the site. That's great news for us, plenty of people to play with.

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