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Peter Molyneux talks reason, shock!

Fable 3

What do Sleepy Hollow, Kill Bill and Ico, all have in common?  According to Peter Molyneux’s conference talk, they are all inspirations for the Fable series.  With only 4 weeks till the release of Fable 3, Molyneux came to the stage at this year’s Eurogamer Expo stating that he was nervous about the upcoming launch.  Rather than run through the features of the upcoming game, Molyneux decided to treat the crowd to the story of how the series came about and what influenced its evolution.

The talk was a very interesting one, but unfortunately did not touch on the co-op aspect of the series. The only note worthy comment being that Molyneux suggested the co-op was far better (could it be much worse?) in Fable 3 than the disappointment of Fable 2. Despite the talk being ‘concept heavy’, it did get me excited for the new instalment. Molyneux also talked about how the end of the second game tried to elicit an emotional response from gamers; a technique Lionhead studios planned to use earlier, and frequently incorporate in Fable 3.

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