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I seriously need to take some photography lessons

As well as attending a conference talk with the mind behind the Fable series, I also got a chance to have some personal time with the single player.  As you would expect from a game that is near completion, the experience was highly polished.  Graphically I felt that the game had improved slightly on its predecessor and that the aesthetics were darker and suited to the more ‘modern’ setting of the game. I also felt that the game had a greater sense of scale, with the concept of evolving your weapons through action adding an innovative touch. It almost goes without saying that the classic Lionhead sense of humor was on offer, and in the mission I played I actually felt the snippet of writing was better than the majority of the last game.

It was unfortunate that I was not able to get a chance to play the game in Co-op, as this will make or break the game for many Co-Optimus readers.  Rest assured that Molyneux believes the co-op will be a significant improvement this time. Players will be able to bring in their own persistent characters to another players game where they are able to work (and play!) independently of one another.  Given the addition of these fundamental co-op elements to what is already a great set of games, we may have a contender for co-op game of the year on our hands. 


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