Dead Rising 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

Samoza's Co-op Achievement Methods (SCAMs) - Dead Rising 2 - Page 2

Such artistry takes years to master - behold

Don’t you die on me - 20G

Here is the current situation. You have both been playing for a few hours and are struggling to get the story achievements.  How about a nice easy co-op achievement to calm you down?  Just revive one another!  When your pal is down you must equip a food item from your inventory and stand over them.  When prompted just press the button to heal them.  Friend won’t fall?  Then why not give them a helping hand by shooting them repeatedly, or hitting them over the head with a giant teddy bear?  What are friends for, other than to sacrifice their own well being just so you can increase a meaningless achievement score?

Judge, Jury and Executioner – 40G

This is another achievement that is not strictly co-op, but is so much easier with two players.  Throughout the game you come across bosses and mini bosses who are collectively known as psychopaths.  You must kill 5 of them to get 20Gs and a further 5 for 20Gs more – a total of 40Gs.  The main campaign story has enough psychopaths for you to get the 5 kills achievement, but to get 10 you will need to hunt these tougher enemies down.  The various mentalists appear during the side missions that you can opt into.  The problem is that some of these enemies are very hard.

This is where true cooperation comes into its own.  Firstly, both players should be prepared by making some top weaponry, the spiked bat and spiked gloves can be made up from items found near the safe house maintenance room at the start of the game.  Also make sure you both have enough food items to heal yourself and your partner.  With both players laden down you can set off on a psycho hunt.  Most mini bosses can be defeated if you work well together; one player draws the attention, whilst the other hits their back and vice versa until death ensues. 

Another important co-op decision to make is communicating when its time to run!  Some of the psychopaths are very tough, even if you are both at a high experience level.  You may be better off leaving them for a later playthrough, just don’t leave you friend to die alone.