Dead Rising 2

  • Online Co-Op: 2 Players
  • + Co-Op Campaign

Samoza's Co-op Achievement Methods (SCAMs) - Dead Rising 2 - Page 3

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Tape it, or die – 20G

This is the game’s only secret achievement and once you know it, it is easy to get.  Both you and your co-op partner will receive the Gs even if only one of you undertakes the task.  This next part is the secret bit ….

Simply combine the following – two separate orange juices to make some nectar (this can be done using a drinks mixer in numerous bars and restaurants in the game).  Once you have the nectar, visit a maintenance room and combine it with a Queen Bee (they are left behind by random zombies).  Voila!  20Gs easily unlocked for both players.

Custom Finish – 20G

Another achievement that is best done together is Custom Finish which has the suspiciously easy task of repainting your motorbike.  The only problem is that to unlock your bike you need to kill off the chainsaw wielding, bike riding, psycho nutter, Leon (not a scary name).  He can be drawn out early in the game during the side mission ‘Meet the Contestants’, but be warned as he is hard to kill.  You will probably need two of you to stand a chance and you best both be at a decent level.

Once Leon rides out, use the tactic of drawing his attention and attacking him as seen in ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’.  If you are clever you can get him trapped in a corner and pound him like a pair of deranged Chucks.  Once he dies his van unlocks and inside you find a bike that you can customize and drive around the central area of the game map.  Now for the achievement itself, simply equip a can of spray paint, which can be found in many shops, and spray the bike a different color.  You can then let your co-op partner do the same (make sure they have picked up a different paint color) and you have a co-op achievement!


There are plenty of other achievements to be gained in Dead Rising 2 in terms of both solo and co-op game.  I have just highlighted some of the more entertaining achievements that can be gained with a little ‘constructive’ thinking (cheating). 

Have you any tales of amusing achievement gathering in Dead Rising 2?