On The Download Issue 28: Evolving Trends in Arcade - Page 2

New in Download and DLC:

Today we celebrate the sequel to a sadly overlooked game in Section 8: Prejudice which is out on XBLA and coming soon on PSN and PC. Dungeon Hunter Alliance has captivated our co-op hearts in a real way on PSN. You better believe I’m checking that out now.

In my favorite realm called survival horror, the newly announced PSN title Amy looks to be an interesting one to watch out for. If you're all for a good cause and enjoying some free music, why not check out the Humble Frozenbyte Bundle for a good cause?

FrozenByte is offering up a chunk of their catalog and you get to name your own price. The bundle includes several co-op titles - Trine, Shadowgrounds: Survivor and Shadowgrounds. Also included is pre-order for a platformer called Splot and the source code for an unfinished game called Jack Claw. Not a bad packaged deal.

Free for You:

How about a twist on this: you can Download the Bulletstorm Soundtrack for free! The game may not be downloadable, but the music is. Go get some.

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