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by Nick Puleo 3

Beyond Co-Op Reviews - February 2012

It's a new year and a new format for our Beyond Co-Op series of non co-op reviews.  The staff has started to post their reviews over in our Blogs section, giving them a little more freedom to write up a review for all the other games we play.  We've also tweaked our scoring to match those of our co-op games, but without a score for co-op.  We simply use the Overall Score scale.

by Nick Puleo 10
  • nintendo

E3 2011 - Our Most Anticipated Games

E3 2011 kicks off next week in Los Angeles, CA and Co-Optimus will be there all week to bring you the goods on all of the biggest upcoming co-op games and beyond.  Nick, Andrew and Kat will be bringing you news, pictures, video, tweets, and audio direct from the show floor all week.  To kick things off the Co-Opticrew thought they'd talk a bit about their most anticipated titles of the show.  

by Katrina Pawlowski 1
  • playstation network

PSN Title "Amy" Looks To Integrate Survival Horror and Co-Op in Digital Content

When taking a look at cooperative PSN titles lately, we've been seeing a lot of puzzle titles that force players to work together against the high score. Now however, the in-progress survival horror title looks to bring players together for a terrifying co-op experience, as well as an in depth story to enjoy. Amy, the misleadingly girlie title of an incredibly dark game, is looking to bring a truly horrific story to our PSN's, with players working together to run, hide, and fight off hordes of not-quite-human's.

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