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Co-Optimus Community Voice June: Photograph My Gaming Rig
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Co-Optimus Community Voice June: Photograph My Gaming Rig

This month we want to see what you've got under the hood so to speak. Our blogging topic for May requests images worth a thousand words on where you game. Pictures of your gaming setup, your sweet T.V., your pimped out PC, or whatever you deem most important to your gaming.

Each month we come up with a new blog topic for those interested in participating. We usually give you a writing topic to let you vent your angers, or show us your lists - anything blog-worthy. For this month's topic CCV: Photograph My Gaming Rig we want photos. Images of your gaming setup however you see fit.

Give a brief description of what we're looking at, and we'll take your images and promote them front page on any of the weekends of June. Here's an example:

Home Office

This is my gaming PC setup - which actually turned into a writing station after some unfortunate issues with a graphics card and my lack of patience when dealing with that stuff. It's highly effective for multi-tasking, but mostly distracting since both machines are great for media.

It's easy to participate. Just head over to the blogs and click the blue "new blog" button. Take some fun pictures with animals, goofy angles, glow sticks, whatever floats your boat. Post them with a brief description - as many images as you want. If they're things we can show on the front page, keep an eye out on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday for new promoted blogs.