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Co-Optimus Community Voice August 2011: The Summer Lull
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Co-Optimus Community Voice August 2011: The Summer Lull

Summer is a particularly slow time for gamers - not much gets released, the hype machine for the fall releases are in full affect, and lets face it - its nice outside and the sun won't kill you.  All of these reasons combine to form the perfect storm of not a whole lot of new gaming going on.  It creates...the summer lull.

This month's CCV topic revolves around said lull.  We want to know what you do during these slow summer months for gaming.  Do you catch up on your backlog of games?  Replay your favorite titles with friends?  Enjoy the outdoors, play indie titles or even try out some board games?  Hit up the user blog section and let us know!

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Make sure you're on topic and follow the general conventions of English writing. Punctuation, spelling and grammar all earn you bonus points and an opportunity to see your name and avatar in hypertext on our front page.

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