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Indie-Ana Co-Op: Gaming With Devs, Episode 1
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Indie-Ana Co-Op: Gaming With Devs, Episode 1

Mike and Jason play through Jamestown, a 4 player co-op PC 'shmup, with its developers, Final Form Games

We've got a bit of a double feature this week with Indie-Ana Co-Op (as a kind of make up for missing out on the last one). Mike "pheriannath" Katsufrakis and I headed up to Philadelphia, PA recently to meet the developers from Final Form Games, whom you may know from their 4 player co-op PC 'shmup outting, Jamestown. In addition to doing a kind of post-mortem with them about their game, which you can check out on the latest episode of the Co-Opticast, we also recorded a play session of us going through the game in its entirety. We wanted to provide not only a little bit of a sense of what the game was like, but also get some of their commentary on what went into the game. So, without further ado, we proudly present the first (in what we hope to be many) Gaming with Devs video!

NOTE: There may be a little colorful language used in this video as it was tough to contain our outbursts at time

We'd like to thank Tim, Mike, and Hal from Final Form Games for their time and gameplaying skills, and look forward to hearing about what other co-op potentials may lurk on their horizons!