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9 Ladies Lancing

Who needs ladies dancing when you can have ladies lancing? Gears of War 3 featured a couple very strong female characters, which is, sadly, pretty unusual for games as a whole. Perhaps the most memorable is Anya, who moved from Control dispatcher to the thick of battle with Marcus and Dom. This Anya figure has a Lancer and 30 points of articulation to help her keep your desk or bookshelf free from grubs and glowies.


8 Invaders of Milk Chocolate

Are there really any maids that milk these days? I’m guessing it’s more grumpy old farmers or mildly disturbing machines that do most of the milking in 2011. But really, who needs milk anyway, especially when you can get milk chocolate! The Chocolate Invader is hand-made “from bean to bar” and comes in a nifty wooden box, with a sticker and a poster, too. Yummy and retro? Yes, please!


7 Sumos Lounging 

You are likely to get very tired over the next month or so. Dashing through the snow, from a Christmas program here, or a staff party there, might wear you down. Wouldn't it be nice to have a comfy bean bag to come home and flop down into? We reviewed the Sumo Couple, a ginormous deluxe model made for two recently, and were impressed. There are many other types available; something for anyone!


6 Spartans Sniping

For this entry, we have none other than the doomed Spartans of Noble Team. The Halo Reach action figures are of particularly high quality, which I can personally verify (as can my kid). Hunting down all six of the figures can be a hassle, but Toys R Us has you covered with this giant gift set, packed with Kat, Carter, and the rest of your Noble Team favorites.


5 Xbox Live Gold Cards

Golden rings? Good luck finding those at a decent price in this economy. The price of gold is going up, up, up. If you require the bling and glamour of gold, but can’t afford the real thing, there’s only one substitute: an Xbox Live Gold Card! Well, it’s not the only substitute, but fans of the Xbox 360’s multiplayer service will find a free year of Gold a pretty sweet gift anyway.


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