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Guitar Hero/Rock Band Instrument Compatibility Chart - Yanked?

Just a few days ago, the folks over at the Guitar Hero World Tour community site posted a set of charts.  The charts show which instruments work in which games, for both Activision's offerings, and those of competitor Harmonix.  (It'd be better for gamers if there was no need for such a chart, but I digress.)  Obviously, knowing which instruments to buy for maximum compatibility is important this busy, hit-packed season.

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Hands on Lips (Wait...What?)

  Lips -- Microsoft Game Studios' competitor to the somewhat popular SingStar, and the potential target of more jokes than the Wii -- has been given the hands-on treatment by IGN's Nate Ahearn. Nate manages to pack quite a bit of useful info into a single-page article. Unfortunately, the article doesn't touch on co-op, but some cursory inv...

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LittleBigPlanet Levels Erased from Existence

LittleBigPlanet has been out for several weeks now.  You've likely played through the clever and quite well done story mode.  The meat of the game, a virtual cornucopia of user created content, is spread out before you like a Sackboy buffet.  You check a few out, find a few favorites, and then, the next time you log in, you find they are gone.  Poofed.  Disappeared.

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