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Gears of War 2 Co-Op Review

It finally happened.  Epic has released the sequel to our most popular co-op game to date.  Gears of War 2 takes players back to Sera to take on the Locus horde.  The best way to vanquish it?  With a buddy.

by Marc Allie 9

Resistance 2 Split Screen Co-Op Problems?

One of the key titles in this year's PS3 holiday lineup is Resistance 2.  Many features we love here at Co-Optimus have been implemented, such as an 8 player co-op campaign and local split screen co-op.  However, it appears there are some serious issues with the latter.  Co-Optimus reader "blakepro" was the first to bring this to our attention, in a forum post.  However, it seems the word is out, as you can read in this snippet from a review at

by Nick Puleo 7

Co-Op Release Alert - Call of Duty: World at War

It's a game that a lot of people complete wrote off when it was announced.  You're going BACK to World War 2.   No thank you.  Wait, there's a 4 player co-op mode?  Perhaps.  There's also a 4 player co-op mode with zombie Nazis?  Ok, sign me up.

by Jim McLaughlin 1

Activision and USO Team Up to Help Troops Co-op

  In a surprising but pleasant twist to the usual video game marketing story, Activision has partnered with the United Service Organization to connect members of the United States Armed Forces with civilian gamers via Call of Duty: World at War and Guitar Hero III. The idea of the project is to boost moral, a mission that the USO was f...

by Nick Puleo 1

Beyond Co-Op - November 2nd through November 8th

It was an eventful week in America.  We now know who our next president will be, and you know what that means?  No more friggin political commercials.  Thank Billy!  On the gaming front there was a few interesting tidbits out there, as there's still a few AAA titles on the horizon before Black Friday in the US. 

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