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Kevin Jordan, formerly with Blizzard, and Chris Avellone lend their expertise

Gamera's aRPG Alaloth Signs On Industry Vets

First up there's Kevin Jordan, a former Blizzard employee that was part of the original design team that developed the core systems in World of Warcraft, who will be working on designing and developing the underlying systems of Alaloth. Along with Kevin, Chris Avellone, one of the co-founders of Obsidian Entertainment and something of a creative freelancer within the industry as a whole, will also be lending support in the form of world-building and lore. That's some good talent to have.

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ROCCAT Kahn Pro Headset Impressions

As this is my fourth headset I've reviewed in just two months time, it's starting to get easier to see what features stand out compared to the competition. The packaging and build quality are fairly no frills here and the Khan Pro is surprisingly light. The build quality feels a bit cheap to be honest, almost too plasticy for the $100 asking price. The mic is non-detachable and a bit stiff, rotating from the left ear up or down. The pads are soft and comfortable and lasted well through extended play sessions with little ear fatigue. 

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