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Fable 2 Pub Game Cheaters are in for a "Surprise"

Were you one of those folks that decided to exploit the system in the Fable 2 Pub Games Xbox Live Arcade game?  You know, so when you fired up Fable 2 for the first time and decided to transfer your Pub Games gold to your real game you'd be instantly rich, wealthy, and sexy?  If so, you may be in for a surprise, at least according to the latest IGN preview with Peter Molyneaux.  What exactly that surprise is, we aren't sure, but according to Molyenaux the glitch was no accident, and there will be some consequence. 

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Alien Breed Remake Coming from Team 17

Remember Alien Breed for the Amiga?  It was a top down shooter similar to Smash TV or Gauntlet, but had a feel of a game like Doom.  The best part was the co-op action as you and a buddy fought through seemingly endless alien hordes; sometimes blowing up an entire level before making it to the elevator just in time.  The game was created by Team 17 of Worms fame, and it looks to be set for a remake as a downloadable title.

by Marc Allie 19

Co-Op With the Too Human Devs!

Too Human's release has come and gone.  While the game is not perfect, it's still plenty of fun.  Coming this Friday, September 19, gamers will have the chance to play with the actual developers of Too Human. reports that from 7:00 to 9:00 PM EST, ten members of the development team, including Denis Dyack, will be hacking, gunning, and bombing their way through the game.  A list of the developers' Gamertags:

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Speaking of Free Songs... for Rock Band 2

It's officially "Free Day" here at Co-Optimus, it seems.  Hot on the heels of the announcement of Castle Crashers and Diablo 3 tunes being available free comes similar news for Rock Band 2 fans.  A robust twenty songs will be offered as DLC to say "thank you" to those who have purchased Rock Band 2.  The cost will be quite reasonable: $0, which, when converted to MS points, is around -20 or so.  No word yet on when the pack is coming, nor what tunes will be in the pack.  However, I'm going to go out on a limb here and predict a couple things.  First, the thank you DLC will be made available the week Guitar Hero: World Tour is released.  Second, there will be at least one song in this pack that's also in GH:WT.  (Psst: Harmonix, if you're listening, "Hotel California.")  Then again, maybe it's not just a brilliant piece of counter-marketing.

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Finding Co-Op Gamers Using Co-Optimus

One of the truly great things about the advent of online networks like Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network is the ability to play cooperatively not only with your wife or son in the same room, but with your brother or sister across the country.  Sometimes though your co-op partner might not always be available, this is where can help!

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Mercs 2 Stunts Video Puts Evil Knievel to Shame

It's no secret that we really like Mercenaries 2: World in Flames.  We've been playing the co-op mode, enjoying blowing things up like it's going out of style.  Dropping a bunker buster on a building (or a teammate) never gets old.  And despite the fact that there's still tons of game to play, the folks at Pandemic have put together a "stunts" video that shows off some other things you can attempt in the game.  A lot of the really cool stunts they show off require co-op play to complete (like above) - and I gotta say, I'm pretty pumped now after watching the video.

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