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LEGOs, It Had To Be LEGOs

The game had some rather floaty controls that would cause us to do silly things at times, but for the most part, they actually suited this style of play. It's clear that the game is almost specifically designed for co-op play, and you'll get the most out of it by playing through with a buddy. There were countless times during our short play session that we were able to help each other out in different ways. However, the single player seems to be structured in a way that the 'hot-swapping' between characters would be too cumbersome or require too much backtracking. Still, we think that co-op will end up being more enjoyable.

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Death Jr. Resurrected on the Wii

The evolution of the Death, Jr. series is taking a rather strange twist.   Death, Jr. titles have previously only been available on the PSP, but the latest game is being tricked out and reworked for release on the Wii.  While co-op has already been featured in the series, it required a friend with a PSP and a 2nd copy of the game.  T...

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Raiden Blasts into Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace

Siliconera is reporting that a demo of the upcoming Raiden Fighters Aces has appeared on the Japanese Xbox Live Marketplace. For those unfamiliar with the Raiden Fighters series, the games are vertical shooters with all the vertical shooter standbys, like power-ups, several different types of ships, and two player co-op. The series itself is an off...

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The Co-Op Gamer's Bill of Rights: 2008 Edition

If you didn't know, Andre works for Microsoft's product development team.  You could say that he has..."an in".  And that's a good thing because he was kind enough to dig up some interesting stats about cooperative gameplay on Xbox Live.

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Castle Crashers Devs Start Blog

As Xbox360Fanboy reports, seems like the small-but-mighty team at The Behemoth now have a blog up and running. The team behind the upcoming XBLA game Castle Crashers and the cult flash hit Alien Hominid have just opened up a blog to keep their fans up-to-date. Castle Crashers fans should look there for info about the four-player slugfest, as well a...

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Army of Two Co-Op Review

We've just posted our co-op review of Army of Two for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3.  Is it the game that every co-op gamer has dreamed of?  Or do things fall short of expectation?    Find out in our full review - and don't forget to stick around for the 60 second video review! Read the full review right here....