Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

  • Online Co-Op: 4 Players
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Some good deals on a selection of co-op titles

PlayStation Co-Op Sale Returns

For the past couple years, Sony has run a week-long sales event focused on co-op games. This joyous time for us co-op gamers usually runs towards the end of November (just in time for the holiday season), but it appears that it's getting an earlier start this year. From now until 8:00 AM Pacific on September 20, you can take advantage of good deals (up to 70% off in some cases) on some great co-op titles like Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls - Ultimate Evil Edition and Dark Souls 3.

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Will this be the patch to end all patches? Probably not!

The World Rejoices As Diablo 3's Latest Patch Goes Live

Like the mysterious, twisting forces of the world around us, or like a man walking a tightrope over a vat of expired Spaghetti-O's, Diablo 3 strives for perfect balance.  As such, Blizzard has released patch 2.2 to ensure that their game is not only balanced, but also filled with brand new item sets for their players to pilfer from the the remains of formerly living monsters.

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Asian markets will more than likely receive them instead.

Blizzard Won't Add Microtransactions in Upcoming Diablo 3 Patch

At least within the North American game market, people are usually dissatisfied when it comes to the inclusion of microtransactions in most AAA titles, and we can't entirely blame them. Like the more recent case of Evolve, the business practice can greatly impact initial sales of the game upon release if not treaded upon carefully. Blizzard, on the other hand, has thought of reintroducing them into one of their most popular IP's, Diablo 3, once again, but in an a much larger region.

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A Glorious Second Chance.

Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls Co-Op Review

Diablo 3 was a game I greatly enjoyed, but it wasn't without its flaws. The Auction House was a failed experiment, the loot system seemed tuned entirely to fuel said auctions, artificial gating of difficulty modes was an anachronistic concept, and the storyline was met with much derision. With the Reaper of Souls expansion, Blizzard has fixed m...

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