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by Marc Allie 2

This Week In Co-Op: The Quest for the Red Drum Pad

As readers of the site know, I am somewhat of a music game addict.  This means we have several fake plastic instruments lying around our house.  After buying many, selling them off to finance upgrades, etc., we are now "down" to all Guitar Hero instruments.  We have a Les Paul from GH3, a trusty ol' X-Plorer from GH2, and the latest and greatest (for another few weeks anyway) the GH World Tour axe.  For the most part, we've been quite pleased with all these guitars, save a really sensitive tilt sensor on the Les Paul.  Our drum set is from World Tour, and, unfortunately, a few weeks back, the red drum pad stopped working. This wasn't a big deal at the time.  My oldest son was away visiting family, and wouldn't be back for almost a month.  So, the youngest boy and I played guitar together.  The kid can play almost anything on easy, so it worked out great.  However, a week ago, big brother returned.  This left us with a dilemma of global proportions: who had to play the broken drums? Now, you may be wondering, why not just fix the drums?  Can't you go online and order one of those tuner kits from RedOctane for free?  While this may have been the case late last year, apparently there is no way to do so now.  Or, at the very least, I was unable to get one, after jumping through all the appropriate hoops I knew of.  Opening up the drum set was not an option for me, as I am paranoid about breaking, shorting out, or otherwise destroying a rather expensive piece of gaming hardware.  Paralyzed by fear, I left the drum pad in a state of disrepair.  

by Marc Allie 0

GH World Tour Drumset Available Seperately on Feb. 15

If you recall, our review of Guitar Hero World Tour was somewhat mixed.  The game itself was slightly disappointing when compared to Rock Band 2, but the hardware, particularly the drum set, was quite a bit nicer than the Harmonix offering.  Perhaps you've been wanting to try the GH drums out, but couldn't justify buying the bundled microphone and guitar controller too.  Your lucky day is coming, on February 15th to be exact.

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