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by Christopher Metz 6
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Talk about kicking a guy while he's down...

War Z Suffers From Hacker Attack, Servers Officially Offline

A couple of days ago, War Z succumbed to a serious hacker attack that put private user information at risk. Both the game’s database, as well as the forums that sparked the huge controversy over the game’s legitimacy last year, were hacked to the point where developer, OP Productions, was forced to shut down their servers and take it offline until further notice.

by Paul Acevedo 4
  • pc

War Z Developer Promises to Be Less Evil

Day Z clone War Z has been through some rough times lately. The game launched on Steam in a buggy and unfinished state, prompting numerous customer complaints and the raising of pitchforks and torches. This culminated in War Z being pulled from Steam. Throughout the whole process, the game's creator Sergey Titov  behaved in a manner that many gamers consider to be arrogant and dishonest. Apparently the game's initially brisk sales had gone to his head. But all that's behind him now, according to an apology letter he recently sent out to players.

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