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Casino Royale launched a new style of Bond movie.  Bond became a much more visceral experience, something closer to the Bourne movies.  The latest Bond game, Quantum of Solace, also seems to follow this pattern with darker and grittier action, and plenty of quicktime event hand to hand sequences.  The good news is these sequences are optional and if you want to simply shoot everything that moves you can. 

The game actually follows both Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace storylines, and despite packing two movies into a game you'll be finishing the experience in about the same time it took to watch both movies.  Luckily there's some really great multiplayer modes and maps here to keep things interesting, my personal favorite is the everybody vs Bond mode. 

Everyone is looking for the next Golden Eye, and this game isn't it, but honestly - do you want it to be?  Quantum of Solace defines itself in both movie and video game form, and frankly I think it's for the better.


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