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Publisher: Zivix
Developer: Zivix
MSRP: $9.99
by: Nicholas "bapenguin" Puleo

In a world where music games are a dime a dozen, or rather $60 a piece, it’s nice to see a $10 title that takes a different approach and is more music tool than music game. Jam Party Be the Music is a game from Zivix that puts players in the role of a music producer. Your goal is to mix tracks of existing songs together to produce your own music. It’s a lot less like a DJ Hero and a lot more like a music creation program utilizing existing loops.

There’s are several areas to unlock as you play, though each area is only available for aesthetic measures. Undersea, lounges, and studios are all at your disposal as you sit in front of a mix board with 25 tracks. These tracks can be activated with a keyboard or using your mouse. Each bank contains 5 tracks with a theme like bass, melody, FX, vocals, guitar and others.

Basically what you end up doing is building a song by combining certain tracks at certain times. There’s no right or wrong way to do this and as far as I can tell, you basically get points just for tinkering around.

The music itself is pretty generic, but does offer some variety. You’ve got some rock-ish, pop-ish, and techno-ish stuff at your disposal. There’s even some Tangerine Dream style new age if you like.

Once you’re done with your mix you can save it and even export it as an MP3. Here’s one I made.

Jam Party: Be the Music is also said to support USB guitars, but sadly, I had none to test this feature. For $10 this is a nice diversion from other music games and the ability to export your creations to share is a nice touch. With 25 songs to play there’s not a whole lot of content here, but the game itself is very replayable.