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Ear Sex

Astro A40 TR Headset, ModKit and MixAmp Impressions

Astro Gaming has long held a a reputable place in co-op gamer's library of devices. Their headsets and mixamps make communication during gaming a breeze and the sound quality top notch. We've seen the A40's for consoles, A38s for portables, and the A50s for PC. But today we're looking at an evolution of their A40 lineup - the A40 TR which works for just about everything. An enhanced "Tournament Ready" version of their best selling headset.

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Astro A38 Review

Astro A38 Headsets Show Improvement After Beta

It's been sometime since we launched our initial impressions of the Astro A38 Headsets. Astro Gaming tried something unique for a hardware launch with them - they decided to beta test their product with consumers before calling it final. What exactly did that entail? Consumers got 50% off the retail price and the ability to upgrade to the final version by trading in their beta headsets towards the purchase price. We've been using the A38's now for a few weeks and here's what we've found.

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