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Mommy's Best Games Coming to Steam

Mommy's Best Games may be best known (in recent times) for Serious Sam Double D XXL. Prior to making that game, however, they had been cranking out some quality action games for quite some time on XBLIG; titles like ExplosionadeWeapon of Choice, and Shoot 1UP that got me into checking out the indie game scene more. These games are finally making the transition onto Steam on September 23rd.

by Nick Puleo 9
  • xbox 360

New Co-Op Shooter Pokes Fun at 360 Dashboard

Nathan Fouts of Mommy's Best Games, makers of Explosionade and Shoot 1UP,  is a bit disgruntled with Microsoft.  Why you ask?  The new dashboard has way too many ads.  We concur.  But that's not what really makes Nathan mad, no, it's the fact it's almost impossible to find Xbox Live Indie games buried on the marketplace.  So what did he do?  He turned it into a game...within a game.  Enter Game Type.

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