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Get ready to team up to explore an island, fight pirates, and raise crops in this colorful survival game.

Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure Will Soar Onto Xbox and PlayStation on March 21

When there are islands in the sky, somebody's got to explore them and go on adventures - nothing else will do. That's where Ikonei Island: An Earthlock Adventure from Snowcastle Games and Jetpack Collective comes in. Following the release of the Steam version last fall, Ikonei Island is finally about to arrive on consoles. With 4-player online co-op and a helping of fresh content, this will be a great time to set foot on the island.

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Bright colors, many buttons, no latency

ROCCAT Kone XP Review

I've been fortunate enough to have a steady stream of PC gaming mice to check out, the last ones have been from ROCCAT. The Kone Pro and Burst Pro have been my daily mice for the last few months and I've been pretty satisfied with the quality and brand overall. The latest entry in ROCCAT's lineup is a return to the mouse that started it all - the ROCCAT Kone XP, a take on the Kone shape which is a derivative of the Intellimouse Explorer design.

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This Mouse and Keyboard Know the Meaning of Cooperation

ROCCAT Isku Keyboard and Kone[+] Mouse Review

There are a fair number of PC games just around the corner, some of which have been 10 years in the making (good to finally see you again Diablo), while others put you and your friends into the shoes of military with the latest tech in Ghost Recon Future Soldier. Your PC may be up to the task of rendering these games in all their glory, but are your mouse and keyboard ready?

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